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What is Get Books Reviewed?

A Book Review Website that provides Authors with visibility & credibility by providing thoughtful Kindle reviews by some of the best book reviewers.

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What is this site?
This is an online book club with a monthly fee for access to high quality books of all genres by authors desiring Amazon book reviews.
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Who is this good for?
This community is great for Indie authors with little or no platform, but will help any author needing Kindle book reivews.
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Icon Blob Background Membership Book Club
This membership community gives you the opportunity to discover and read large variety of interesting books by like-minded authors desiring book reviews. All books are published into a central library, separated by category. Use our free trial to publish your book today and find other authors who are interested in reviewing your book.

What You Get…

Icon Blob Background Submit Your Book
As an author, you can submit as many books as you like to the reader’s club for one set monthly or annual membership fee.
Icon Blob Background No Review Swapping
You are NOT paying for NOR “swapping” book reviews. Your membership fee gives you access to a reading club with a vast, everchanging selection of books. Our algorithm ensures that authors do not directly review eachother's books. In other words, once an author reviews your book you'll no longer be able to see their books in the library, so review swapping is not possible.
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Post Your Book for Review Today!

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  • Improve or increase the number of your book reviews on Amazon by Kindle Reviewers.
  • Read great books and help other authors with your positive feedback.
  • You get enough BONUS tokens just for signing up to get your first book reviewed without having to review one first.
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Get the visibility, credibility, and social proof you need while setting the tone of your book reviews from like-minded authors. All Kindle book reviews get published on Amazon where they really count!
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See What’s Possible

With Get Books Reviewed

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Ranking Your Book

Every time you put your book up for review, someone will be downloading it which keeps your listing active on Amazon. Active listings help your organic ranking and increase potential reader interest. The more downloads, and the more reviews, the better Amazon will rank your books over time.
Rank Your Book

More Reviews on Your Book

Getting steady, consistent book reviews is going to help you as well. Research has shown that the number of daily book reviews counts more than the rating as long as it is above 3.5 stars. Of course, the social proof associated with the quality and quantity of your Amazon book reviews is extremely important.
More Reviews for Your Book
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Get the number and quality of Amazon book reviews required for some promo sites so you can advertise with them.
Join a Community of Like-Minded Authors and Start Receiving More Amazon Book Reviews Today where they really count!
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Community of Authors
There is just no down side to being part of a community of interested readers and book reviewers that will ensure that you get consistent reviews for your books. Best of all it’s free to sign up and post your first book for a review.
The price tag for this opportunity and service should actually be "Priceless!"

Get Amazon Book Reviews For All Your Books

Authors with Christian Content, Check out
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How This Book Review Site Works

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1. Add Your Book(s)
Take just a few minutes to add your book cover and info about your book(s).
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2. Collect Tokens
Support other authors by reading and reviewing their books to receive tokens (credits).
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3. Get Book Reviews
Use your credits (provided by the admin) to list your books in our community library to get reviewed. It's so easy!
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Easy Cancelation
Easy Cancellation
No commitment for monthly membership. Cancel anytime.
Unlimited Book Reviews
Unlimited Book Reviews
One low monthly payment for access to unlimited reviews.
Quick Turn Around Time
Quick Turn-Around
Once a review is submitted for your book, see it on Amazon in 1-10 days.
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We do monitor every book that is submitted, and it must go through a review process mainly to be sure that what is being submitted is consistent with what is being offered on Amazon. If anything is offensive or highly controversial, it may be rejected.

If the content appears to have a large percentage of AI content, it might be rejected as well. This site was created for authors to be able to showcase their original literary work and we reserve the right to reject any book we feel does not meet that criteria.

There must be at least as much unique written content as you would find in a children’s story book. We are no longer accepting any more coloring books, activity books, logs, vision boards, journals of any kind, or any books that are predominately made up of images.

If you are not sure if your book qualifies, feel free to contact support first to have it vetted.
I would hope so, but no, we cannot guarantee how someone will rate your book. This site was created to be a tool for authors to help one another with reviews, but we cannot control how someone is going to review your book. We ask that every reviewer be respectful, honest, and genuine in their feedback publicly in their reviews and also privately in the portal. If you are submitting a well-written, edited, well-thought-out book, you should have no worries about the kind of feedback you will receive from this group of like-minded authors.

As a reviewer, we do ask that if you in good conscience cannot give a positive review, that you consider cancelling the review and moving on to another book. We do give you that option. You are not “locked in” when you choose a book to review. Remember, we are a community created to help one another.
We offer 10 days for you to try the site out for free to see if it is a good fit for you. After that, if you have not cancelled, your subscription will renew each month (or year, if that is what you signed up for) until you decide to cancel. If you do not cancel before that particular time period is over and you are charged again, there are no refunds. It is up to you to cancel or ask support to cancel for you before your subscription is up for renewal.
Yes! Give us a chance to WOW you for 10 days. If you cancel, you will lose any credits you built up but get to keep any reviews you have received during that time. You can rejoin at any time without the free trial or bonus tokens for signing up.
Once you have signed up for one of our memberships, use your created login info to sign in and you will be taken directly to your dashboard where you can upload your book cover(s) and fill in the requested information. The more comprehensive info you give your readers, the more helpful for them, and probably the better the review you will receive as they will be more informed of your intentions and the content. If you will be offering a .pdf of your book, you will upload it there.
Just go to PayPal and check not to renew – before that period ends and your subscription will not renew. If you paid with Stripe then you can cancel your subscription from your account page here on this website. If you should decide to cancel or change your subscription before your trial period is over or you can do so right from your login page. Once you cancel your subscription, you will have still have access to the site until the trial period or month you have paid for is completed and then there will be no more charges and no more access to the members area.
Just select your subscription preference (monthly or yearly) and click the “FREE Trial” button. You will be walked through the process step by step. You will have your own dashboard where you can upload your book cover along with the info we request for each book to help readers in their selection and review process. There you also will be able to keep track of the books you have read, the reviews you have received, and your balance of credits as they accumulate and are used based on your activity.
We accept PayPal or credit card payments. Your card will not be charged until the 10 day trial period is over, then you will automatically be charged according to your plan until you go into PayPal to cancel your subscription or your subscriptions page in your account here for credit card subscriptions.
You get credits (tokens) when you join (a bonus of 2000 just for joining). If you refer someone with a special link we provide so we can track it, you will get an additional 2000 tokens per referral and like you, they will receive a bonus of 2000 tokens just for signing up. They must sign up with a credit card for the referral tokens to be honored.

The number of tokens attributed to each book depends on a couple of elements: the length of a book, and purchase price if it is not free or offered as a Kindle Unlimited borrow. The minimum token attribution per book is 1100, so your bonus tokens for most authors, depending on the length and price of their book, should be more than enough to get your first review right away without having to review one first. From your dashboard, you control when you publish your book. Make sure you have enough tokens first. It’s up to you to keep reading and reviewing books to acquire enough tokens to keep your book visible in the library.

The demo video above the FAQs explains how it all works.
That depends. If the reviewer has to purchase the Kindle version of your book, or is downloaded as a perm-free book, then the reviews will be verified. It will require more tokens to get your book reviewed if a purchase is involved and how many extra tokens depends on the actual cost. The reviewer will receive more tokens for purchasing a book and those can then be used to qualify their own book(s) to be reviewed.

In order for purchased books to register as a “verified” purchase review, the review must be posted from one’s digital orders page and not on the product page. That way the review is linked to your orders and Amazon knows that you have purchased the book. I hope that makes sense.

If your book is enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program, and you choose for your book to be downloaded as “Kindle Unlimited,” some readers think that the reviews will show as verified if they also are enrolled in KU. They do not register as verified, but (you) the author will get credit and a “payout” by Amazon for the pages read.

If your eBook is expensive, you can choose to have it downloaded as a .pdf. Also, if you are offering your download as KU, you might want to consider also offering a .pdf download for those who are not enrolled in KU to increase your readership. The token count is the same (for KU and .pdf) so you can choose both. In both cases, the review will require fewer tokens than if the book was purchased.
TOTALLY different! Our algorithm is such that while authors review books by other authors, we do not review each other’s books. For example, if you reviewed one of my books, I will not even see any of your books in the library, So… there will be no chance I could see to select your books to review. That way no one could ever say (even unintentionally) you swapped book reviews with me. I hope that makes sense. There is no interaction between authors, and reviewers remain anonymous unless they choose to disclose their name along with the review. This removes any and all possible bias.
First of all, it depends on how quickly your book gets picked up for a review. Then, It depends on each author, but we set a deadline of 5 days to review a book once it has been checked out of the library, with an option to add one day of grace if needed. Most reviewers take less time than that. Of course longer books will take longer than shorter books to read and review. You can only check out a max of two books at a time and only 8 books/per week to give everyone a chance. No hording of books! Sometimes reviews submitted to Amazon appear right away. Other may take up to 5 days to post.
As a reviewer, we do ask that if you in good conscience cannot give a positive review, that you consider cancelling the review and moving on to another book. We do give you that option. You are not “locked in” when you choose a book to review. Remember, we are a community created to help one another.
Sorry, no guarantees. This is simply a service wherein we provide the opportunity for you to make your book(s) visible to those who may like to read and review them. Your activity has a lot to do with how many reviews your get. By that I mean, you have to actively participate in the review process – reviewing other authors’ books yourself if you want to get reviews for your book(s). It is at the discretion of our author/reviewers which books they select to review. Nothing is manipulated or contrived, but it is up to you to keep your book(s) in the library so they are visible for potential readers. No books are advertised or featured. Everything is done organically. Your book needs to have a compelling cover and description to entice reviewers to check it out.
You’re right. We actually have a whole website dedicated to the Christian genre with multiple categories within that genre. Check it out at
Only those who have chosen to read your book will have access.
There is a membership fee: Check our payment options below on this page. You can pay monthly or annually for a large discount. You will not be charged until the free trial period is over.
Each reader, after completing a book, will post it on their dashboard, then go directly to their digital orders page on Amazon, select that book, and record their review. Once the review has been approved by Amazon it will be posted on the appropriate product listing page along with all the other reviews. We always validate that the reviews have been posted. This may take several days as Amazon’s approval is usually not automatic. Once we see that it has been posted, we will verify it on the author’s dashboard. If after 5 days, we have not been able to validate that the review has been posted, you will be notified to please resubmit or cancel the assignment if you have not been able to post the review.
Other authors will have limited information – just as much as they need to access your books. When you leave a review, the author will see your review and rating. This is a private – membership-only group. No one outside the members’ area, will have access to any information within the members’ area and your profile or books will have no public listing that can be crawled, linked, or searched by Amazon, Google, or any other search engine. Your reviews are anonymous unless your Amazon handle is your actual first and last name. There is no interaction between members. A reviewer can leave private feedback about a book that they read in the private review area, but this is “one-way” communication through the site portal. WE have done everything we can to remove any possible bias.
If you’re an international Author, you’re expected to find a way to make your reviews land on at least most of the time. 99% of our members are US-based, so it is important for you to be able to post your reviews on, or at least work out a way for them to land on That is where our members want to see their reviews posted.

You can either find a way where you can post directly on by purchasing $50 worth of products that are shipped somewhere in the US giving you that privilege, or you can buy the books and post your reviews through your orders page so that they show as a “Verified Purchase Review.” Most verified purchase reviews do migrate over across all platforms so they should land on

Another option would be to enroll in Kindle Unlimited and post your reviews through the Kindle app on your phone at the end of the book. Those often show as verified reviews and will migrate across all platforms and land on Reviews that only sit on marketplaces like,,, or, especially are of no use to our members. So please find a way to get your reviews on or this site will not be a good fit for you.

Get Amazon Book Reviews Pricing

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We are here to grow with you as you publish more books. Or if you’ve been published for a while, add all of your books right away.

Plan Includes

  • Unlimited Reviews for Each Book
  • No Charge or Fee for Book Reviews
  • Individual/Customized Customer Support
  • Cancel Anytime with One Click


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(Billed Annually = $180)
Try For Free
Free for 10 days


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(Billed Monthly)
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Free for 10 days
Testimonial Reviews
Testimonial Reviews

What Our Members Say

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“Books Get Reviewed has truly become a lifeline for me and my books.”

The owner’s dedication and responsiveness are unparalleled,

as she always go above and beyond to address any issues that may arise.

Moreover, the opportunity to support fellow authors on their creative journeys adds an extra layer of fulfillment.

This website has become an invaluable resource and community that I can’t imagine my writing journey without.

Thank you for creating such an amazing platform!

Lyra Brave

Children’s Author and Illustrator

“Like a Book Club with Benefits!”

I’ve been a member of for 3 months now and I’m having a fantastic experience.
In addition to the excitement of others checking out, reading, and reviewing my books,
I also get to choose new releases for me to read and share my thoughts with authors and potential readers as well!
Looking forward to adding my 4th book in the upcoming week while continuing this invaluable service for years to come.


4X Author

“ has been a Godsend
for Me and my Publishing Business.

As every author knows one of the hardest things to get is reviews without harassing family and friends after every launch.

GBR takes the stress away from review collecting and keeps it fair and easy for authors of all levels. I’m so happy I found this site.”

Jenn A.

International Best Seller

I’ve been using the Get Books Reviewed service for
about 18 months and I’m very pleased with it.

Each of my fiction and nonfiction books have received several reviews
through this site, which is incredibly helpful for an independent author and publisher like me.
I never know who is reviewing my books, and they don’t know me,
so the reviews are always honest and unbiased.

The site administrator, Debby Sibert, is great, too.
She is clear and consistent about the standards she expects from reviewers,
and is always ready to respond to any queries from authors and reviewers.

I highly recommend this service to any author or publisher seeking honest and unbiased reviews of their books.

Valerie Andrews


5 Stars!

If you’re an author looking to get your book out there more, I can’t suggest “Get Books Reviewed” enough.
It’s a snap to submit your book for review because of the service’s user-friendliness and fast submission process.
The level of service is quite professional, with timely responses, resolutions, and kindness.
Since using “Get Books Reviewed,” I was able to significantly expand my book’s audience.
The reviews have played a crucial role in increasing the number of people who visit my book’s sales page.
I like their thoroughness, reviewer criteria, and timely responses to my queries. I trust the reviewer’s honesty and insight.

Overall, I can’t speak highly enough of “Get Books Reviewed.”
It’s an invaluable resource for any author looking to get their work in front of a wider audience.


Elizabeth O’Carroll


I Recommend

to authors because in a short period of time I accrued reviews for several of my books.
The reviews are thoughtful indicating someone took the time to read my books
instead of copying and pasting my blurb as I had happen on another site.
Someone from customer service is always friendly and waiting to help which makes the process easy.

Samyra Alexander

Author of psychological & contemporary fiction
I am capable

Gathering book reviews for Amazon has never been so simple.

My new book is gaining traction on Amazon effectively with

“GetBooksrReviewed” services and my sales are now steadily increasing!

Thanks guys!


I Am Capable of Anything

“Pleasant Experience”

You can’t go wrong by joining.  Not just for the obvious, but also to have access to really good books from new authors.
It’s a win-win situation.  Debby directs the club well.
Guiding insights, introduction video – and close to immediate replies to concerns – are all included.
This place is organized and measured the best, in my experience, among the others.
You will see results, get some great reads, and be a part of a growing family of writers just like you!

Xavier Hernandez

Author of On the Turning Away
RobertCulp sm

Where to Get Book Reviews?

Get Books Reviewed has and continues to be a  wonderful experience for me.
Nothing excites me more than when I see someone has picked my book for review.
And having the book reviewers be centered around a community of kind, honest,
and talented writers, makes it all the more empowering.
This community has helped me gain reviews and helped me perfect my craft in all the right ways.
This book review site is one of a kind.

Robert Culp



is an engaging site for honest, thoughtful, and lengthy reviews at a fraction of a marketing price.

Debby is professional, patient and knowledgeable, who responds quickly to communication.
I especially like the interaction with like minded authors and enjoy the various perspectives on book reviews.

Janice Stanford

Author of Lessons from the Teacher

GET BOOKS REVIEWED is not just a website,
it’s a writing community.

You become more skilled at your craft in part by interacting with peers and hearing what they
have to say about your writing and by giving them feedback on their writing.
Honestly, anytime I hear that someone is reading my book
I get a little nervous. We writers put so much of ourselves into our writing. It’s very personal.

What GET BOOKS REVIEWED does is provide a safe space for us to get reviewed and review others.
I’ve found the books in the library to be very enjoyable. I’ve learned something new with every book I pick up here.
Discovering this service has been a blessing.
Also, the individuals involved with crafting and maintaining this website are super caring and super responsive.
It’s an all-around amazing service.

Tony Garritano

Award winning author

How to Get Book Reviews?

Book reviewing is a complex subject. I tried different approaches not worth the effort.
GET BOOKS REVIEWED has been my best experience, a book review site that aims at quality rather than quantity.
It is designed for authors to get honest reviews on their books from like-minded authors and readers.
The site allows the book reviewer to give the author private feedback on the portal, thus focusing the review
on the book’s literary merit rather than misleading the public with the reviewer’s personal likes or dislikes.
I highly recommend this unique option.

Manuel Lanz


“Get Books Reviewed” is an awesome review site for books!

I get to read many amazing books and in return authors get a chance to read mine.
This site is very simple to use and is a “win-win” for new authors and authors simply struggling to get reviews.
I received 10 reviews in one month and I had nothing before. Yes, people may buy your books but getting reviews is not easy!
My books had been listed for 6 months and did get some sales but again, no reviews.
I am absolutely excited people are reviewing my books, and that I get a chance to read many awesome books.
I totally recommend this site to all authors struggling to get book reviews.
Totally safe to use.

Susan Zeppieri


With some sites you get stonewalled.
With “Get Books Reviewed” you get service.

Whenever I’d had a question or concern, I could rely on Debby and her crew to get
back within 24 hours, gently explaining how I’ve managed to screw things up yet again.
If you still believe in human contact, this is the place for you.

Brian T. Marshall

#1 Amazon Best Seller

One of the best book review sites to go to when seeking to review or be reviewed.

I was quite hesitant about review “services” — in the past, one simply sat at home and waited for the newspapers. “Get books reviewed” is different from other websites of this kind because it is a community of people who care about the writer’s art and who take reviewing seriously.

I’ve enjoyed being introduced to dozens of books, many of which I might not ordinarily have noticed, and I always try to say something meaningful and useful about each one.

I’ve experimented with various sites and compared with others, this community tends to give really thoughtful, lengthy reviews and it is clear they read and consider the book carefully. In other sites, reviews can be perfunctory, but this is a real booklovers’ community.

So yes, I would say it is one of the best book review sites to go to when seeking to review or be reviewed. Sometimes you have to wait a long time to be picked up, but good or bad, the review you get tends to be well-considered and eloquent.

S.P. Somtow

Author of Vampire Junction and Jasmine Nights

I Give “Get Book Reviews for Amazon” 5 STARS:

I love it! Not only is it very helpful for getting reviews to my indie books, it’s also great fun for reading and reviewing an eclectic mix of books by other authors. By itself, it’s a great reading club. But in return, I get to post my own books for honest reviews by other, knowledgeable fellow authors! Support for any of my own questions was quick and very helpful. What a great service!

“Get Books Reviewed” provides a legitimate way to collectively get reviews from fellow expert writers. Excellent! The price? To be an ongoing member costs a small fraction of what you’d otherwise pay in promotion and advertising to get the same number of nonauthor, regular reviews.

Yes, it’s asking a lot of a person to take the time to thoughtfully read then write an honest review. At best only about a tenth of those who purchase our books leave a review. To find those readers in the first place either costs a lot of promotional dollars and/or having to give your book away for free. For a modest fee, I get to be a part of a writer’s club here where knowledgeable fellow indie authors are wanting to review my book in order to earn points to post their own book for review. This mechanism is an important qualitative addition to my ongoing promotional and advertising campaigns. It gives me a big bang for just a few bucks. Super!

Daniel B. Lyle, Ph.D.